In response to the hiring of Democratic Alderman Ryan Mulcahy as Recycling Coordinator, which the Republican American described as having “the stench of crony capitalism”, the Minority Caucus of the Waterbury Board of Aldermen submitted an official inquiry to Waterbury Human Resources Director Peter Abare-Brown regarding the process of this particular hire.

In their inquiry the Minority Caucus requested a copy of the job description as well as the civil service exam scores received by each candidate.  As per Waterbury Charter, non managerial positions require that the top three civil service exam scorers be presented to the hiring manager for a decision.  In this case, as illustrated by Mr. Abare-Brown’s response, no exam was provided.  Each applicant was arbitrarily given a base score of 85 from which to add bonus points for residency and veteran statuses.

The Waterbury Republican Party believes the process in which this hiring took place is wrong.

See the Minority Party’s request and Mr. Abare-Brown’s response for yourself.

The following documents are the applications and resumes submitted by each candidate.  Even a quick comparison shows that Mr. Mulcahy lacks the experience necessary for this position and pales in comparison to the experience of the other two candidates.  Mr. Mulcahy was also the only applicant of the three to not attach a resume.